Our Mission

At NOD, aka. No Ordinary Drink, it is our mission to debunk the myth that to be healthy you need to compromise on flavor.

For sure, it may require a lot more effort, but we believe it is more than worthwhile. Our sugar free No Ordinary Water is proof; exciting fruit flavor combinations yet packed with antioxidant goodness and sweetened with our blended Stevia ingredients. Stevia leaf extract is a natural sweetener containing zero calories.

Our History

In the family of our intrepid founder Chris, a number suffers from diabetes. That did not stop them from yearning for a taste of something sweet.

In 2015 Chris was introduced to the potential of Stevia, and how advancements in technology have led to it being a viable natural sweetener and thus substitute for cane sugar.

This coupled with his family story inspired Chris to create a beverage company, and so in January 2020 NOD was born.

Our Culture
We are all about the flavor

Whether it be the next smash-hit No Ordinary Water fruit flavor duo or mixology inspired fruit juice and botanical combination for No Ordinary Juice, we continue to strive to create the most exciting and novel flavors in the market.

We are always on the lookout for inspiration from different Food & Beverage trends across a diverse range of cultures.

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Our Culture
We are pioneers

It seems we did not get the memo to be safe and follow industry norms. To create a No Ordinary Drink, we needed to take a non-ordinary path right from the get-go. For No Ordinary Juice, instead of the typical fruit juice varieties we see daily, we infused our juices with natural botanical extracts for unique flavor experiences. Rather than using industry standard sweeteners, we turned to mother nature, and went all in for Stevia leaf extract for No Ordinary Water.

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Our Culture
We are about giving back

We have a responsibility to take care of the environment and contribute in a positive way to society. From lowering our carbon footprint by using Stevia, to supporting those in the front line in the battle against COVID-19, we continuously look to see how we can give back.

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